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About AI Lab

Shape the future of students with advanced AI lab setups at your institution. “Padhai Help” aids schools in establishing and running one-of-a-kind AI labs equipped with advanced AI technology and innovation. Get comprehensive support for procuring the necessary equipment, tools, and materials to build extraordinary projects.  

Why Should Schools Set Up an AI Lab?

Let your school be the right platform to deliver an exceptional AI learning experience and provide students with AI projects, promoting the practical application of theoretical concepts.

Stay on the Top of Technology

Stay ahead of the competition with an advanced AI Lab setup that aids you in becoming one of the most preferred educational institutes.

Revenue Generation

AI labs can be used to offer extracurricular programs, workshops, and summer camps. These initiatives can generate additional revenue and positive marketing for the school. 

World-Class AI Lab

Establish a world-class AI lab at your institution with high-tech AI projects, a comprehensive curriculum, and advanced tools and equipment that is not just set up but actually runs.

Practical Projects

Get access to meticulously created AI projects having real-world implications, and hands-on experience for the students.

How Can Students Benefit from AI Labs?

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Hands-On Learning

Don’t just read about projects; let’s build them! We ensure that all our labs are not just set up but work to provide a hands-on learning experience.

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Exposure to Advanced Technology

Our labs are equipped with the latest robotic equipment and technology so that students get exposure to advanced technology.

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Many projects involve teamwork, teaching students how to collaborate effectively. This skill is valuable in various aspects of life, including future careers.

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Building a Portfolio:

Students can document their projects and achievements in a portfolio. This portfolio is valuable when applying for internships, scholarships, or colleges.

Looking for an Experienced AI Trainer?

AI Lab Features

Class-Wise Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed as per different levels to provide a thorough grasp of AI education at each class grade.

High-Tech AI Equipments

Access high-tech AI equipment that aids you in staying ahead of the competition in the ever-changing technological landscape.

Teacher Training and Recruitment

We assist schools in the teacher recruitment and training process so that you can deliver the best education to the students with the right expertise.

AI Workshop Conduction

We help you conduct multiple AI workshops and provide you with exclusive networking opportunities.

Prototyping Materials

Get access to prototyping materials and software for building customized AI projects.

Robotics Competitions

Hosting or participating in AI competitions or challenges to motivate students and showcase their skills.

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