We are young and passionate individuals driven towards the ultimate goal of providing quality education and to make it affordable by everyone. Our approach to study is unique and guaranteed to bring in tangible results.

We understand that every student is unique and has a different way of learning. Which is why our tutors adopt learning methods based on each student’s needs. We invite you on our journey to change the way the world learns.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide quality and economic educational solutions at your doorstep. We make sure to keep evolving and in turn, make our vision a reality. With one student at a time, we are changing the face of education; making it accessible to everyone. Rooted in consumer behavior, we are striving to deliver personalised achievement journeys for every student. With the desire to shape the way students learn, we inspire them to dream bigger.

Our Mission

At Padhai Help, we have just one mission - to truly personalise education. This has led us to embark on this noblest of journeys to deliver life and learning outcomes for every student!

We strive everyday to make learning fun, and our younger generation capable of facing the challenges of tomorrow’s world. With this in mind, we are constantly trying to evolve the way education is perceived; both by students and parents.

Our Journey

Our journey started with an idea in mind to change the education services, one place at a time. We started with providing home tuition services in Jaipur, Rajasthan, which slowly turned into Padhai Help Pvt. Ltd. Since then, we have helped over 50,000 tutors and 2.5 lakh students to find exactly what they have required in the field of education. 

Padhai Help started its new segment of robotics, Robo Kids, in October 2015 which has since then proved to be the best choice for teaching robotics to students on all levels. We started setting up the government led initiative Atal Tinkering Labs in 2018, and until now, we have established what we call the ‘futuristic labs’ across 3 states in over 300 schools. 

Our OTOO services were launched in 2019 with an aim to provide best tuition services across different states and we have successfully managed to provide tutors in top 20 cities of India. Our number of solutions are growing and so are we!

Zinbal, our newly launched app for e-learning, is the pit stop in the education journey for you as you get everything handy on the portal, be it robotics or artificial intelligence. Our portal enables you to access engaging videos on a vast variety of subjects, both practical and theoretical.  



With a vision to change the face of education, we established Padhai Help in Jaipur. We soon expanded to other cities, helping students across the country.



We established our new dimension in the field of Robotics to cater to the growing demands of the generation. Our noble step paved the way for new dimensions.



Successful set-up of Techy Space Labs with proven results. Our efforts have been recognised by our clients, which gives us the reason to keep marching onwards.



Our benchmark product OTOO went live. Today, we offer our services across all the major cities of India, and plan to expand globally soon.



The growing needs of the 21st century demand new avenues even in the field of education. To keep up with it, we launched Zinbal, our e-learning platform.

If you are addicted to seeing results, then we are the helping hand/right hand you require

Our team specialises in making your Tinkering lab the best in its competition by providing you with the best components and study materials. Our modules are carefully made keeping different age groups in mind for an effortless learning experience. Having established 250 Labs across India, we are proud contributors of quality and practical education for an advanced nation. Our main motive is to stimulate the innovative side of students' minds to make them explore the world of robotics. So if you aspire to stand out, we are the choice you are looking for

Meet Our Founders


Rohit Khandelwal

Co-Founder, OTOO

Keshav Rawat

Co-Founder, OTOO
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