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Learning Made Simple

Upscaling schools with NEP 2020-based 21st Century technology and modern Learning

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Padhai Help is a platform that specializes in providing multiple learning and education-based solutions under the same roof.

We are serving more than 300+ schools and 5L+ students across India. Padhai Help Pvt. Ltd is a multiple leading learning and Innovative education-based solutions provider in India. We provide STEAM-based learning solutions like ATL labs, Robotics, and AI Labs, Faculty Recruitment, and Customised fun learning space like Kinder Adda, Toy Library, Robo art, kids play zone to schools.

With our establishments, we create a space for students where they own the opportunity to broaden their thinking and creative skills. Here, students can create projects on their own. We also provide ECCE(Early Childhood Care Education) based education, crucial for the early development of a kid.

Padhai Help provides schools with the most efficient ATL Establishments, a Central Government Sponsored initiative run by NITI Aayog across India.

Atal Tinkering Lab is a unique workspace sponsored by the Government of India where young minds give shape to their ideas through hands-on do-it-yourself mode, and learn innovation skills. With establishment of 300+ labs across the nation, we owe the pride of providing the most efficient ATL labs in schools and helping students crafting their future.

Establishing ATL labs with Padhai Help lets you enjoy numerous benefits. Along with ATL Establishments, we support schools with our experienced mentors, responsible for making students learn and explore themselves via lab. Owing to our expertise in ATL establishments, we also assist schools in the documentation of these labs.

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STEAM-based learning has emerged as the most significant form of learning in 21st century. At Padhai Help we support schools eager to provide learning spaces for students where they explore themselves to the fullest and develop STEAM-based learning skills. With our learning solutions like Robotics, AI labs, and Robo-Art labs for kids, we serve as one-stop destination for futuristic based learning needs and promote innovative learning.


STEAM based solutions we provide to schools

  • 1. ATL Labs
  • 2. Robotics Lab
  • 3. Artificial Intelligence Lab
  • 4. Coding Lab


Why to Opt STEAM?

  • 1. Upscale yourself with the NEP 2020
  • 2. Help your students meet future & turn Global Leaders
  • 3. Stand as an institute promoting modern learning
  • 4. Promotes innovation and scienitifc temper in students


Kindergarten Solutions

We at Padhai Help provide Customized Fun Learning Solutions for pre-primary students

Driven by technology, it is important for schools to upscale themselves with the ECCE (Early Childhood Care Education) based education as it is necessary for students to ensure holistic and well-rounded development. Owing to this concern, we also provide customized learning solutions to schools for students from pre-primary classes and play groups where they enjoy flexible, multi-faceted, activity-based, and inquiry-based learning, comprising alphabets, languages, numbers, indoor-outdoor activities, puzzles, logical thinking, problem-solving, visual art, drama, puppetry and more. Kinder Adda is a fun space designed specifically for playgroup and pre-primary students where they learn with play. This unique space follows the no bag policy as promoted by NEP 2020.

Why should you opt for these Innovative Fun Learning Solutions?

It is very important to focus on child’s early development as it plays a critical role in laying strong or weak foundation. Early exposure shape their brain development, interlocking component of social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical domains of development.

With the introduction of fun based learning at early years of their life, we offer them to develop

  • Emotional skills
  • Communication skills
  • Cognitive thinking
  • Social and Emotional development
  • Memory retention
  • Team spirit
Toy Library

A unique space where students play with multiple educational toys in the library and can even take them home for a certain span of time.

Robo Art Lab

Hands-on experience for kids where they explore and invent. It involves experimenting with art and basic electronics and learning how things work.

Kinder Adda

A fun space for kids where they enjoy flexible, multi-faceted, activity-based, and indoor-outdoor activities. This fun space follows the bagless theme.

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Live classes

students can avail live sessions of multiple subjects on a single platform, simply by logging in to the app.

Ecommerce platform:

the app has a separate corner for you to purchase equipment and kits related to various Projects/ subjects

Recorded videos

Find the recorded lectures of multiple subjects on a single platform that would vary from practical explanations to theoretical approach of the topics

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Faculty Recruitment

We at Padhai Help also provides Faculty Recruitment Support to schools and academic institutes for both technical and non-technical streams. With our wide network of Experienced and Qualified Teachers, we owe teachers from all fields and subjects like Science, Maths, Commerce, Arts, and extracurricular activities like Dancing, Abacus, Singing, etc to institutes as per their requirements.

I think it’s important to give young people the freedom to follow their ideas and pursue their interests. - CV Raman

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My message, especially to young people is to have the courage to think differently, the courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, the courage to discover the impossible and to conquer problems and succeed. These are great qualities that they must work towards.
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam !


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